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Nothing to Declare

Anna Ruseva - a graphic designer. She loves Varna, diagonals, Japan, Coco Chanel and InDesign. Defines her style as Less is more. She loves art. She draws. She shoots - people, objects, symbols, situations Creates original artists books, pictorials and vector graphics. One of the most challenging, interesting and inspiring periods in her life is that one after the completion of Varna Language School. Then she moved to Germany, where she studied, lived and worked for nearly ten years. Returns in Varna as a graduate graphic designer. Art is her child's dream, the graphic design - her vocation and passion.

The project at Bulart Gallery is the first solo presentation of Anna Ruseva. The collection includes artists books, objects and digital works who have traveled a thousands of miles, crossed the border corridors repeatedly labeled "Nothing to declare".

The exhibition is a part of the "Debut" program of the Raya Georgieva Foundation.